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Mehdi Allahyari

AI Researcher | Full stack software engineer | AI Consultant

Welcome to my website!

In this website, I provide a wide range of resources for those who are passionate about machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and data visualizations. My goal is to create a community of individuals who are interested in data visualization and machine learning, and want to learn more about how to combine these two fields. I create tutorials and write blogs that cover a wide range of topics related to data visualization, from basic concepts to advanced techniques, as well as machine learning projects. I also explore how machine learning can be applied to data visualization, and share practical examples of how to use machine learning algorithms to gain insights from data.

This website aims to provide a source of knowledge, tutorials and inspiration for data visualization enthusiasts, machine learning practitioners and anyone who wants to learn more about how to combine these two fields to extract insights from data.

About me

I am an AI research scientist and a full-stack machine learning engineer with over 15 years of experience in software development and research in both industry and academia. My expertise lies in machine learning and natural language processing, with a particular focus on applying these technologies to a variety of tasks. With over 10 years of experience in this field, I have a proven track record in topic modeling, summarization, search, and question answering, among other areas. I have proven skills in designing and implementing software and web applications using a variety of programming languages including Java, JavaScript, and Python. Throughout my career, I have gained a deep understanding of the latest technologies and techniques in these fields, and I am always looking to expand my knowledge and skills. I'm excited to share my knowledge and experience to help organizations and individuals achieve their goals.